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Player Development Calendar

5-Tool Training Calendar

Instruction / Information Sheet


The Trosky 5 Tool Training Calendar is built on intent, accountability, and culture. The Calendar is a key component of the Trosky Complete Player Development (CPD) Training Program. The 5 Tool Training Calendar is used daily to guide, direct, motivate and hold players accountable to their baseball aspirations and training goals. The Calendar is formatted in an Excel Google Doc. To see consistent gains, players must use their Calendar daily, serving as their guide to getting better every day!


5-Tool Training Sample Link


INSTRUCTIONS (Top Section = 5 Tool Calendar)

1.    Fill in your first and last name.  (cell B2)

2.    Fill in the specific events and dates (cell M2 & O2)

3.    Fill in the monthly “Outlook Calendar (green section).” List the significant appointments that you have scheduled so that you can work your training around them (i.e, team practices, games, tournaments, private training, doctors' appointments, etc). Highlight your appointments with different colors. (see cells E6:11 / Q6:11)

4.    For each day of the week, highlight in yellow the specific tool(s) you plan to train that day. We recommend planning your entire month out (do the same thing for your strength training routine). (example cell F16)

5.    Next to the tool, list the number(s) from the “Training Menu” of what you plan to train each day(do the same for your strength training). (example cell E16)

6.    Each night before you go to bed, do a daily check-in. Highlight in light blue everything that you accomplished that day. If there was something you didn’t do, highlight it “Red” (example cell E35).

7.    At the end of the week, grade yourself using the 20-80 MLB Grading Scale (50 is average, 80 is the best and 20 is the worst). Grade yourself according to how your effort and consistency were (See - Column B).

8.    Throughout the year, players train for 3 specific 5-Tool test dates (TTD). The 3 test dates are divided up quarterly throughout the year. Fill in your 3 test dates i.e, 1. June, 2. September, and 3. January (See cells K2:R2).



1.   Under Player’s Note

a.   Goals: Fill in your goals under the “Goal Section” (#’s 1-2-3).

b.   Monthly Check-in: At the end of The month, grade yourself and answer the questions in the “Check-in Section” (questions #’s 1-2-3-4-5-6).

c.   Distractions: Fill this section in with up to 4 distractions you have (i.e, phone, a specific friend, video games, girls, etc…).

d.   Accountability: Fill this section in with up to 2 accountability partners.



1.   Game days or tournament play doesn't count as a tool development day unless you're tool training on those specific days.

2.   Private Lessons/Training don't count as a tool development days unless you're tool training those days.

3.   On Speed days we typically don't do leg workouts and on Long Toss days we typically don't lift upper body (short/light catch is good to do an upper body lift days to keep loose and flexible).

4.   On the road workouts (when traveling) you can find a gym or you can do bodyweight workouts that can include bands.



1.     The Training Menu is a list of Exercises/Drills that can be done daily in your training routine. You have the option to do the exercises listed in the menu or create your personalized workouts and training plan.

2.     Each exercise is numbered. Take the number of the exercise and place it in the column next to the tool in the training calendar. The number represents the exercises you will do on that specific day. 




There are 4 training seasons in the calendar year. Each season requires a different workout, workout load and has a different focus according to the season and mission. 6TN members will receive the training calendar for the specific training season they will be entering in.


·     Summer= June, July & August

·     Fall= September, October & November

·     Winter= December & January

·     Spring = February, March, April & May




Players will 5-Tool test 3 times per year (Summer / Fall / Winter). The test dates are powerful motivators to enhance hard work and overall tool development throughout the year.  The main test dates will be at a Trosky Showcase Camp and the 2 other test dates will be held by the "Powered by" organizations. Note: Plan your test dates with a 1-year outlook.


Players train rigorously for the 3 targeted 5-Tool test dates (TTD).


    Sample Test Date Schedule:

·     Test Date #1: June/July (@ Trosky Showcase Camp)

·     Test Date #2: September/October (by partner organization)

·     Test Date #3: January (by partner organization)




The 5-Tool Player Development Model focuses on the development of the 5 physical tools, the components that college recruiters and professional baseball scouts evaluate players by. The good news is you don’t have to be born with all 5, and that the 5-Tools can be developed with focused and specific training. The 5-Tool Development model has 4 training concepts with a 3-part player development process.  


The 4 Training Concepts:

1.   Teach

2.   Test

3.   Train

4.   Develop


The model begins with Teaching the 5 physical tools; what the tools are, their importance, how they’re graded and how they apply to the game. Once the players are 5-Tool educated, we Test the player’s 5-Tools with technology, making the results current, accurate and relevant. Once the tools are tested, each athlete writes down their results on their 5 Tool player card and then they grade themselves using the 5 Tool grading scale. Once all 5 Tools are graded they receive their “5 Tool Grade.” The athlete’s 5-Tool Grade reveals 3 very important keys about each player. First, it tells what level of an athlete the player currently is. Second, it tells each player what area they need to work on. And third, it projects the level they project to reach as a player. Once the testing is complete, player assessments are made, goals are then set and players began to Train to elevate and Develop their 5 physical tools.



    3-Part Development Process

1.   5-Tool Player Card 

2.   5-Tool Training System

3.   5-Tool Training Calendar


The first method used in this model is the 5-Tool Player Card. The cards are filled out by the players after they 5-Tool test. Players grade themselves using the Trosky 5 Tool Grading Scale, noting where they stand amongst their peers and other elite athletes. The card evaluates and grades their body, tools, and athleticism, noting both strengths and weaknesses. The 5-Tool Player Cardis the main source of direction and navigation guiding each player on what areas they need to train and improve.  Note: Players will receive a 5-Tool Player Card at the Trosky Showcase Camp they attend. Regional Directors will also receive cards for their players for the other test dates that they will run).



The second component of the card is the 5-Tool Training System. The training system teaches specific training methods to incorporate into the player's weekly training routines.  Components of the training system can be found in 3 specific areas, 1) on the 5-Tool Player Card, 2) under the Training Menu on the 5-Tool Training Calendar Google Doc. and 3) in the Weekly Sunday night 6thTool Nation Blast.


The final component of the Trosky 5 Tool Player Development Model is the 5-Tool Training Calendar. The training calendar is used daily, weekly, monthly and annually to help players stay aligned with their specific training goals. Players are held accountable through their personal Google Doc, the 6thTool Nation culture and through the 6thTool Nation weekly email blasts. 4 times a year, for each training season, players receive a new updated 5 Tool Player Development Calendar.


Now that you’re familiar with the 5-Tool Player Development Model and the 5-Tool Training Calendar, let’s get started 6thTool Nation!!!