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College Coaches Speak

6th Tool Members will have access to interviews with Coach Trosky interviewing current College Coaches. The interviews will create a deep understanding of the recruiting process and will give both players and parents the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.  


Parents and Players will also learn the specific characteristic, styles, and qualities of the different college coaches and their programs. The information gathered will direct players and will ultimately help them identify colleges that are the right fit for them.


The audio interviews will be emailed to the 6th Tool members two times a month, approximately every other week. The interviews are a product of “CPD” Complete Player Development.



     Recruiting Questions / Topics:

  1. What college coaches look for in recruits?
  2. Productive ways to be pro-active in the recruiting process?
  3. Significant ways college coaches recruit prospects?  
  4. Effective ways to streamline the recruiting process?
  5. Common mistakes to avoid in the recruiting process?


     College Program Questions / Topics:

  1. What separates your program from the others?
  2. What is the signature of your program?
  3. What is the culture of your program?
  4. How do you handle player development process?
  5. How do you prioritize academics with athletics? 
  6. When is it the best time to apply?
  7. How many Scholarships do you give out each year?
  8. How many players do you take in the fall and how many do you keep in the spring?
  9. Do you have open walk-on tryouts?
  10. Do you have a club team and an baseball operations coach?