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In just the first year of our National Program, we finished with a combined record of 38-12-3 while competing in some of the most prestigious events across the country. This summer we are excited to expand our National Team's schedule to include more exposure to college and professional scouts, while playing the best competition around the nation.

2018-19 Season Win/Loss & Highlights
2020 Team: 18-5-2

  • 3-1 at MLK Underclass 2019
  • 5-1-1 at MLK Underclass 2018-- 2nd place
  • 5-1-1 at PG World Series 16u 2018 --- Consolation Champs
  • 5-2 at USA West 16u 2018

2021 Team: 11-5-1

  • 3-1 at MLK Underclass 2019
  • 3-2-1 at PG World Series 15u
  • 5-2 at USA West 15u 2018

2022 Team: 10-2

  • 4-1 at MLK Freshman 2019 (2nd place)
  • 5-1 at USA West 14u 2018

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Summer 2019 17/18U Events (2020)

Fall/ Winter Event

Summer 2019 16U Events (2021)

Fall/ Winter Event

Summer 2019 15U Events (2022)

Fall/ Winter Events

Summer 2019 14U Events (2023)

Fall/ Winter Events

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  • Concept: Trosky Baseball is proud to announce the Trosky USA National Teams. The Trosky National Teams will compete at the highest level, playing in the nations top events and playing against the nations best. The Trosky National Teams will be made up of NCAA DI and MLB Draft talent. The players will be some of the countries best.
  • Purpose: The National Team purpose is to to assist players to reach their ceiling through CPD (Complete Player Development). To become the best that they can be both mentally and physically, through:
    • Advanced coaching
    • High level MLB Scout and College Coach exposure
    • Playing in the countries top events
    • Playing with and against the countries top talent
    • 5 Tool Development
    • 6th Tool Development
  • Trosky Track Record (MLB / Area Code / COLLEGE Commits) Trosky Baseball has successfully run elite travel teams since 2011, 116 Trosky players were selected in the MLB draft, with over 20 selected in the top 5 rounds. 95 Area Code Selections and over 500+ college commitments.
  • National Ranking: With working relationships with over 1000 college coaches and MLB scouts, Trosky Baseball was ranked #2 in the nation as the most connected travel teams in the USA
  • National Team CEO: Coach Trosky is the National Team CEO. Coach Trosky is a 10-year veteran of the Area Codes (Scout of Milwaukee Brewers, coach of Area Code Teams and Area Code National Camp Director) and recently hired by Major League Baseball / BTS with player development and college placement will be severing as the Trosky National Team’s CEO.
  • Business Manager / General Manager: Tony Sanguinetti Serves as the Trosky Baseball Regional Teams and National Teams Business Manager and General Manager.
  • Team Fee: A National team fee will be required for National team players (scholarships will be provided for deserving players). The player’s fee will be reasonable and will be collected by and paid to Trosky Baseball. The collected funds will be used to pay for team expenses. The National teams are not profit driven.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Corporate sponsorships are being sought out to contribute to National team funding and to lower team fees.
  • Complimentary Gear: National teams players will receive discounted and complementary gear from select sports brands.

Questions Trosky Baseball NATIONAL TEAMS


Adam Varteressian

Abe Ruiz

Tommy Cardiel

General Manager: Tony Sanguinetti

Office Manager: Ben Sanguinetti

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  • Sophomore (Sept. 26-29, 2019)
  • Junior (October 3-6, 2019)
  • Senior (October 9-13, 2019)
  • Freshman (October 17-20, 2019)

@ Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, AZ

The Arizona Fall Classic is one of the premier showcases in the country. Started over 20 years ago, the main focus of all these events is to provide opportunities for all of the players to have a career after high school baseball.


  • 17u June 14-21
  • 15u June 22-29
  • 14u & 16u June 30-July 7

USA Baseball hosts the 14U, 15U, 16U and 17U National Team Championships in Arizona in 2019, utilizing various MLB spring training facilities. These events provide an opportunity for players to be evaluated by college coaches, professional scouts, and USA Baseball Task Force members, whose goal is to fill the rosters for the National Team Programs.


  • Perfect Game West MLK Championship (January 2019)
  • Perfect Game World Series (July 2019)
    • 14u: July 18-22, Sanford, FL
    • 15u & 16u: July 20-25, Sanford, FL
    • 17u: July25-29, Scottsdale, AZ

Perfect Game Tournaments are the highest quality events for all travel teams. PG prides itself on being well organized and efficient, providing value to everyone in attendance.

Trosky Baseball Proudly Sponsored By South Bay Sports Training

National Team Seasons:

  • Summer (June, July & August Events)
  • Fall (September, October & November Events)
  • Winter (January Events)

Selection Process:

Trosky National Team players will be selected by the Trosky Regional Directors, by College Coaches, by Professional Baseball Scouts and selected from the Trosky tryouts, camps and showcases.

Nominees are evaluated in the following areas:

  • 6th Tool: The player’s mental makeup and character (SM5).
    1. Self Motivation
    2. Self Discipline
    3. Self Control
    4. Self Confidence
    5. Self Awareness
  • GPA: Quality of the player’s academic profile
    • Grade point average
    • Course load
    • Academic challenge
  • 5 Physical Tools: Using the MLB 20-80 scale, player’s are measurement in the following 5 Areas.
  • Position players (5 tools)
    • Throw tool
    • Run tool
    • Hit for power tool
    • Hit for average tool
    • Fielding tool
  • Pitchers (5 tools)
    • Command
    • Pitchability
    • Quality of second pitch
    • Quality of second pitch
    • Velocity
  • Player Projection: A player’s short and long term projection.
  • Body: A player’s athleticism, body type, size, strength, fitness level, posture, flexibility, agility and body projection.
  • Skill Level: A player’s overall skill level and mastery of their craft, (both offensively and defensively).
  • Position: The player’s position and their versatility.
  • Graduation Year: A player’s graduation year and birth date.


TROSKY USA – The Leader in Player Development!

A Note from Coach Trosky: Nearly 30 years ago I started running skills development baseball camps for high school and youth players. I truly love the developmental side of the game, and early on in my life it became my passion. After about 15 years of running training camps, numbers began to drop because kids would rather play travel ball and be seen by college coaches then go to camp to learn about baseball fundamentals. At this transition time in the baseball culture, I adapted and moved the focus of my business from player development to travel ball, showcases and college exposure. Within the change over the past 15 years I’ve enjoyed my occupation and I’m sincerely grateful for the many relationships I’ve built and for the extensive education that has taken place in my life from being surrounded by some of the best in the game. Within those years of growth and colabaration, I developed creative ways to bring player development (both mental and physical) into the showcase and travel ball world. Entering into the 2018 travel ball season, I am excited to offer a new Complete Player Development (CPD) model to all the Trosky Baseball teams.

CPD (Complete Player Development)

CPD takes players to another level! The mission is for every athlete to reach their personal ceiling both academically and athletically, transforming them both internally and externally. Coach Trosky has created the learning systems and models that will be used for player transformation through the Trosky Recruiting System / Trosky 5 Tool Development model / High Intensity Trosky Boot-Camps / & the Trosky 6th Tool Mental Makeup – Character Development model.

The Trosky Player Development Model is Based on 3 Key Principles:

  1. Intent: Specific goal setting in multiple areas (navigation goal cards with specific goal dates, target dates and routines).
  2. Accountability: Regularly holding players accountable through coaches reinforcement, player reinforcement, practices, gatherings, 6th Tool Nation weekly emails, text messages, social media and Google Docs.
  3. Culture: Developing a culture of excellent where players and coaches are on the same page encouraging each-other to become the best they can be through 6th Tool Nation Concepts.

The Trosky Player Development Model is Based on 5 Key Concepts:

  1. Plain Vanilla: Identifying what really matters (the Main Thing) and being totally committed to it (the Main Thing) TMTKMTTMT.
  2. 3RP: Training Trosky players to be masters of 3RP; the ability to read, recognize and react, within tenths of seconds, unconsciously, with precision.
  3. The Graveyard: There’s great disparity in what people set out to accomplish and what they actually accomplish. Our mission is that each of our players accomplish their dreams and goals both academically and athletically.
  4. The 6th Tool: the 6th Tool, the mental makeup and character of a player is the great separator. We make it a priority to develop the 6th Tool in each of our players.
  5. Intent / Accountability / Culture: Intent, ccountability and culture are the three pillars for our players reaching their fullest potential.


A few years ago, New Balanace / Area Code Baseball hired me to run their National Camps, and recently I was hired by MLB to be the Director of Player Development (BTS / USA Baseball). The same model that I created for Area Code Baseball and MLB (BTS / USA Baseball) we’re implimenting with our Trosky teams.This player development model that we’re offering our players is completely unique. It is a model that has not been established and accomplished before in travel baseball.

We’re very excited about what’s ahead for Trosky & Kali Baseball and for all the outstanding contributors and staff members that make Trosky & Kali Baseball a complete family.

We invite you to be a part of the Trosky & Kali Baseball family (the 6th Tool Nation) in the transformation of the lives thousands of aspiring amateur baseball players across the country!


Thank you,

Nate Trosky

6th Tool Nation

Trosky and Kali Baseball Teams Provide Quality Development & Exposure!

Trosky Baseball's Fall Pro Scout Team