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Trosky Boot Camps build the 6th Tool Nation!

Through our Complete Player Development (CPD) Boot Camp, Trosky Baseball offers its athletes an opportunity to become the best they can be! CPD Boot Camp transforms lives; perspective, outlook, commitment, approach, tools, skills and mental game). Our mission is to assist our athletes to reach their personal ceiling both on and off the field.

Boot Camp is about complete player development (CPD), growing athletes from the inside out. Boot Camp is intensive developmental training that focus on the PROCESS; 5 Tool Development, Skill Development, Recruiting Navigation, Mental Makeup and Character Development.



  • Players attend 1-2 CPD Boot Camps per year.
  • Summer Boot Camp: 2 day camp @ College Campus. Players and Coaches stay in dorms and eat in cafeteria. Players will house together and eat together creating culture and a strong bonding experiences.
  • Fall or Winter Boot Camp: 1-2 day camp. Players will stay in the team hotel or stay at home.
  • Boot Camps are managed and directed by Coach Nate Trosky and assisted by the Trosky Regional Directors and Coaches. We will also bring in outside top level coaches from across the country to teach, train and assist.
  • Boot Camp is extensive training made up of both mental and physical development, team bonding, culture enhancement and mastery of the recruiting process. The days will be intensive, challenging and fun!


Components of Boot Camp: 

  • Nutrition Development 
    • Nutritional assessment and Information
  • Body Development 
    • Body assessment
    • Getting better physically and athletically
    • Becoming the best you can be with what you’ve been given
    • Advance strengths
    • Transform weekness'
  • Routines
    • Position specific Pre-game, During-game and Post-game routines / Personal practice routines / Hustle while you wait routines / Mental Game routines
  • 5 Tool Development (Position Players)
    • 5 Tool Accountability / Development calendar
    • Teach / Test / Train / Develop the 5 physical tools
    • Run Tool / Throw Tool / Field Tool / Hit Power Tool / Hit Average Tool
  • 5 Tool Development (Pitchers)
    • 5 Tool Accountability / Development calendar
    • Teach / Test / Train / Develop the 5 physical tools
    • Command / Pitchability / 2nd Pitch Quality / 3rd Pitch Quality / Velocity
  • Mental Game Development
    • Transforming the mind. GYMR – 95/5!
    • Mental mastery
  • 6th Tool Development 
    • SM5 – Self Mastery 5
    • 5 Mental Makeup Components/
    • Character Development
  • Life Style Development 
    • Outside the lines
    • Habits of highly success people
    • The graveyard
  • Spiritual Development 
    • Optional morning chapels
    • Weekly discipleship
  • Skills Development 
    • Offensive and defensive
    • Position specific
    • Mental and Physical
  • Recruiting Development 
    • 12 month strategy
  • Coaches Development 
    • Trosky Coaches attend Boot Camp
    • Boot Camp is the primary place where our coaches develop and learn the Trosky player development and recruiting models
  • Intent / Accountability / Culture