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Trosky & Kali Baseball Summer 2019 HIGH SCHOOL Travel Team Season (16u-18u)

Congratulations for being selected to play for the Trosky and Kali Baseball’s 2019 Summer Team!

Going into the 2019 Summer season, we are looking for coachable high school players that have the talent and desire to play at the next level. 

Through our unique and detailed program, we prepare and provide opportunities for aspiring baseball players to take ownership of their future, making college baseball a reality!

Please register ASAP. Below you’ll find the link to register, team information, team schedule, uniform and payments options. Take advantage of this great opportunity by registering today. Spots are limited therefore don’t delay. Please confirm that this acceptance email has been received. 

Track Record

  • Since 2011, Trosky Select Travel Teams have accomplished the following  (the numbers below do not include players attending Trosky baseball showcases/camps).
    • 500 + College Commitments
  • 116 MLB Draft Picks
    • *Trosky draft selections include 3 first round picks and 20 in the top 5 rounds
  • 95 Area Code Players
    • *AC players are selected by the MLB scouts and recognized as the countries top future draft selections.
  • #2 National Ranking
    • With working relationships with over 1000 college coaches Trosky Baseball was ranked #2 in the nation as the most connected travel teams in the USA 

Moving Forward
We are currently solidifying our team rosters, and we currently have you a spot reserved. At this point we're asking for final your decision. 

At this point please solidify your roster spot by clicking on the link below and registering. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Team Registration Link (Invite Only)


WHAT’S INCLUDED: College Prep Summer Team Season (May-August)

College Preparation Program– Our College Preparation Program is focused on taking high school player’s skills and mindset to the collegiate level. We are a huge resource to players by guiding and promoting them through the college recruitment process. We pride ourselves on having our players prepared for the collegiate level. We help our players reach their goals by assisting their placement in a college program that best fits them.

Team Registration Link (Invite Only)


Team Schedules: Click Here

  • All Dates, Times, & Locations Subject To Change 



  • Game Hat
  • Alternate Hat
  • Game Jersey w/#
  • Alternate Jersey w/#
  • Game Pants
  • Game Belt
  • Stance Team MLB Socks
  • Team Cleats
  • Team Performance Dri Fit Shirt
  • Team Performance BP Top
  • Team Performance Shorts
  • Team Helmet or Jaeger Band
  • Team Louisville Wood Bat or Performance Fleece Top
  • Team Batting Gloves or EvoShield Arm Sleeve
  • Player Equipment Bag
  • Player Journal, Pen & ID Tag
  • Team Deals From New Era, Under Armour, New Balance, Marucci, Stance, Demarini, Louisville, Rawlings, Mizuno, Jaeger, EvoShield and more… 



Trosky/Kali players, register on the link below for your summer team. Click on the link and complete your registration. Note: Trosky/Kali Baseball Travel Teams are in partnership with South Bay Sports,


Link To Register:  

Team Registration Link (Invite Only)

**If the above link is not clickable, try copying and pasting url into the address bar of your web browser**


 TEAM FEES =  6 payments of $600

  • Payments are made via Credit Card through several payment options. 


  • Multiple fundraising options available.

***If there are ANY financial issues, please contact us ASAP for sponsorship and scholarship opportunities. We do not want money to be the barrier for players to take advantage of this opportunity.

Convenient Payment Options Available

  • Registration Before April 1st 2019 = 6 payments... Due Dates:  Payment #1 day of sign-up, #2 =  4/1/19, #3 =  5/1/19, #4 =  6/1/19,  #5 =  7/1/19, #6 = 8/1/19)  

*In order to keep our programs operating at the highest level (management, coaching, equipment, field and facility use, and provide quality training and instruction), it is essential that fees be paid on time. Thank You

**There are no refunds on team fees for any reason (including but not limited to injuries and illness). Once you have committed to the team you have taken a roster spot that could have been offered to another player.



Nate TroskyAdam Varteressian, Gil Ruiz, John Diatte, Greg Mugg, Tony Sanguinetti, Zeph Zinsman, Andrew Simon, Tommy Cardiel, Michael Chavez, Josh Kreuzer, Jeff Gingrich, Cory Hall, David Abraham, Nate Garcia, Wes Howell, Gabe Espitia, David Cosimano, Chris Molina, Tanner Disibio, Bailey Owen, Nick McGrew, and more...


Specific questions can be addressed to:


Director of Baseball Operations: Adam Varteressian

Cell: (408) 828-8313 / Office (408) 283-0643

Email: /


Manager: Tommy Cardiel

Cell: (408) 841-1852 / Office (408) 283-0643

Email: /


Manager: Tony Sanguinetti

Cell: (408) 612-1239 / Office (408) 283-0643

Email: /


Office Manager: Ben Sanguinetti



A component of Kali/Trosky Baseball that separates itself from other travel ball organizations is coach Nate Trosky’s personal relationships with over 500 college coaches and professional baseball scouts from across the country. These personable relationships have developed over the past 15 years and they’re active on an annual basis. The uniqueness of these relationships is that they’re working relationships, where 1) the college coaches are hired by coach Trosky to attend and recruit his annual showcase events (at Trosky showcases, each year coach Trosky hires over 250 college coaches to work his camps), 2) the college coaches hire coach Trosky to work their annual prospect camps (coach Trosky has worked over 50 college prospects camps and continues to each year, camps such as Stanford, USC, UCSB, USF, Santa Clara, Sonoma State, Santa Clara, Cal State Monterey Bay, Cal Poly, LMU, San Diego State, and others. Annually at the college prospect camps coach Trosky works with over 150 college coaches), and 3) coach Trosky works for some of the countries top showcase / scouting organizations, at their elite invite only college and professional prospect events (at these events coach Trosky works with over 500 college coaches and pro scouts, events such as the Area Code Tryouts, the Area Code Games, the NTIS Team USA Selection Events, the North/South Tryouts, the Bay Area World Series, the Reebok World Series, and at the Arizona Fall Classics. During these prospect events coach Trosky, coach Varteressian, the college coaches, and the pro scouts work side by side on field, recruiting, mentoring, and developing the high school prospects. Working together each year with over 750 college coaches and pro scouts, coach Trosky has created and continues to build long lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and friendship. These relationships result in greater opportunity for Trosky/Kali players to achieve their dream of playing and succeeding at the next level. Over the past 15 years, Trosky baseball has contributed to over 5000 players receiving college scholarships and signing professional contracts.


TROSKY USA – The Leader in Player Development!

A Note from Coach Trosky: Nearly 30 years ago I started running skills development baseball camps for high school and youth players. I truly love the developmental side of the game, and early on in my life it became my passion. After about 15 years of running training camps, numbers began to drop because kids would rather play travel ball and be seen by college coaches then go to camp to learn about baseball fundamentals. At this transition time in the baseball culture, I adapted and moved the focus of my business from player development to travel ball, showcases and college exposure. Within the change over the past 15 years I’ve enjoyed my occupation and I’m sincerely grateful for the many relationships I’ve built and for the extensive education that has taken place in my life from being surrounded by some of the best in the game. Within those years of growth and collaboration, I developed creative ways to bring player development (both mental and physical) into the showcase and travel ball world. Entering into the 2018 travel ball season, I am excited to offer a new Complete Player Development (CPD) model to all the Trosky Baseball teams.

CPD (Complete Player Development)

CPD takes players to another level! The mission is for every athlete to reach their personal ceiling both academically and athletically, transforming them both internally and externally. Coach Trosky has created the learning systems and models that will be used for player transformation through the Trosky Recruiting System / Trosky 5 Tool Development model / High Intensity Trosky Boot-Camps / & the Trosky 6th Tool Mental Makeup – Character Development model.

The Trosky Player Development Model is Based on 3 Key Principles:

  1. Intent: Specific goal setting in multiple areas (navigation goal cards with specific goal dates, target dates and routines).
  2. Accountability: Regularly holding players accountable through coaches reinforcement, player reinforcement, practices, gatherings, 6th Tool Nation weekly emails, text messages, social media and Google Docs.
  3. Culture: Developing a culture of excellent where players and coaches are on the same page encouraging each-other to become the best they can be through 6th Tool Nation Concepts.

The Trosky Player Development Model is Based on 5 Key Concepts:

  1. Plain Vanilla: Identifying what really matters (the Main Thing) and being totally committed to it (the Main Thing) TMTKMTTMT.
  2. 3RP: Training Trosky players to be masters of 3RP; the ability to read, recognize and react, within tenths of seconds, unconsciously, with precision.
  3. The Graveyard: There’s great disparity in what people set out to accomplish and what they actually accomplish. Our mission is that each of our players accomplish their dreams and goals both academically and athletically.
  4. The 6th Tool: the 6th Tool, the mental makeup and character of a player is the great separator. We make it a priority to develop the 6th Tool in each of our players.
  5. Intent / Accountability / Culture: Intent, accountability and culture are the three pillars for our players reaching their fullest potential.


A few years ago, New Balance / Area Code Baseball hired me to run their National Camps, and recently I was hired by MLB to be the Director of Player Development (BTS / USA Baseball). The same model that I created for Area Code Baseball and MLB (BTS / USA Baseball) we’re implementing with our Trosky teams.This player development model that we’re offering our players is completely unique. It is a model that has not been established and accomplished before in travel baseball.

We’re very excited about what’s ahead for Trosky & Kali Baseball and for all the outstanding contributors and staff members that make Trosky & Kali Baseball a complete family.

We invite you to be a part of the Trosky & Kali Baseball family (the 6th Tool Nation) in the transformation of the lives thousands of aspiring amateur baseball players across the country!


Thank you,

Nate Trosky

6th Tool Nation

5 Tool Skill Development


College Recruiting Process


6th Tool Mental maKe up


(Invite Only) 2019 Spring-Summer Information

click links below... 

Trosky & Kali Baseball (16u-18u) Summer 2019 HIGH SCHOOL Travel Team Season Information

INVITE ONLY: Through our unique and detailed program, we prepare and provide opportunities for aspiring baseball players to take ownership of their future, making college baseball a reality!