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The Right Fit College Recruitment System

THE RIGHT FIT (Information Sheet)



In today’s travel-ball world, the aspiring amateur baseball player receives countless invitations to attend Recruiting/Prospect events that are geared to create an opportunity to play at the college level. By a player’s junior year, most have received 100’s of recruiting invite emails to prospect events across the country. Due to a lack of guidance and a true understanding of the recruiting process, a large number of players attend numerous events and play in as many travel-ball tournaments as possible, with the end goal of earning a scholarship. Some families will spend close to a 4-year college tuition within their pursuit.


No matter how much money’s spent, no matter how many recruiting events attended, tournaments played in and or how much exposure receive, if the player isn’t meeting the expectations of the recruiters/scouts they’re simply wasting their time and money. Exposure is important, but the timing of the exposure and the type of exposure is even more important. This approach is costly, inconsistent, unreliable and promotes injury.


Without proper mentoring, guidance and contacts, many players don’t accomplish their goals and those that do, oftentimes don't play at the level they wanted to. Countless others don’t enjoy their college experience and or don’t graduate from where they initially enrolled, resulting in a high transfer rate. Too often, colleges are selected and pursued because they appear “Attractive as an Idea,” verses attractive as the “Right Fit.”


With over 25 years of experience and contributing to over 7,000 players playing college or professional baseball, I have created “The Right Fit Recruiting System”, a recruiting system that brings both clarity and direction to the recruiting process. The Right Fit helps athletes avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes made by players and their families; helping them simplify the process, have an enjoyable experience, save money and time while at the same time being successful pursuing their college baseball dream.


Our mission at Trosky Baseball is that each player thrives in college and has an amazing college experience with their first college of choice. Graduating from a college they selected because it was where they wanted to go because it was the is the Right Fit.


The Right Fit Recruiting System is based on the Trosky 7 Pillars of Success.


   Troaky 7 Pillars of Success:

  1. Gather Personal Information (The Fit List / Bootcamp / Trosky Showcase Camp)
  2. Graded & Accessed (GPA / Body / Tools / Make-up / Bootcamp / Trosky Showcase Camp)
  3. College Coach Evaluated (Trosky Showcase)
  4. Personal Player Projection (Coach Trosky / Trosky Showcase)
  5. Timely Research & Assessment (Research & Create your College Target List)
  6. Research Formulation (Ask Questions / College Camps / Online Mining)
  7. 6th Tool Alignment (Bootcamp / Trosky Showcase Camp / Dominican Baseball week / Lifestyle / Accountability and Player Development)


Below you will find a breakdown of our 7 Pillars of Success. We begin with “The Fit List.”



7 Part Recruiting System (the Pillars / The Process)


  1. The Fit List 

The “Fit List” helps players both identify and categorize colleges that are a good fit for them. The Fit-List asks important questions bringing an understanding to the 4-Fits along with an understanding of how the player fits within the 4-Fits. The answers to the questions give clear direction and guidance, helping the player identify and categorize colleges into a true and accurate “College Target List”


  1. The athlete begins by answering specific questions:
    1. Questions about themselves
    2. Questions about what is important to them within the colleges they’re interested in
    3. Questions about the type of degree they’d like to pursue
    4. Questions about what’s important to them with-in their total college experience


  1. The goal of the Fit List is to accurately guide each player into selecting colleges that are the right fit for them 



  1. 5-Tool Player Assessment 

At each Trosky showcase, players participate in the “Trosky 5-Tool Player Assessment.” The Trosky 5-Tool Player Assessment is unique, advanced, and designed to help players understand where they currently stand where they project at the next level. The model begins with assessing each player’s GPA, followed by a Body Assessment. Players then learn the 5-Tools and the value of each tool in-regards to their defensive position. Lastly, the players are tested, graded and with the data gathered, players develop a focused training program according to their personal needs and deficiencies.  


The Trosky 5-Tool Player Assessment has 6 components:


  1. ASSESS: We access the player’s GPA, body, GPA and physical characteristics. We access strengths and weaknesses and teach what areas to improve.
  2. TEACH: We teach the 5-Tools and “how” and “why” they’re the central building blocks for the highly recruited and drafted player.
  3. TEST:  We test the position players and pitcher’s 5-Tools, the 5 specific areas college coaches and scouts evaluate them in. The 5-Tool test accesses and identifies strengths, weaknesses and teaches what areas to improve.
  4. GRADE: We grade both position players and pitchers with the Trosky 5-Tool grading scale. All payers receive individual grades for each tool along with a 5-Tool Rating that grades all 5 Tools together. The player's current grades give a clear perspective on currently what college level is realistic to pursue and what areas to improve.   
  5. TRAIN & DEVELOP: We train and Develop the 5-Tools with the Trosky 5-Tool Training System.
  6. ACCOUNTABILITY: We established accountability from; 1) The weekly 6th Tool Blast, 2  Building a 6th Tool culture in the organization, 3. Through Showcase attendance, 4. Through Boot-Camp attendance, 5. From 6th Tool leadership modeled from the top down, and 6. From the Trosky 5-Tool Training System.



  1. College Coach Evaluation 

At each Trosky Showcase, players have the option to purchase a “Personal Player Evaluation.” The evaluations are completed by the college coaches. Player evaluations provide a college coach’s perspective of where a player currently is and where they project as future prospects. Player evaluations serve as a valuable tool in the recruiting process.


 Player Evaluations:

  1. Provide a nonbiased professional opinion
  2. Give direction to what college-level to pursue
  3. Bring clarity to what colleges are a good fit
  4. Help players complete their “College Target List”
  5. Reveal  a player’s strengths and weaknesses
  6. Give professional insight into how to improve skills, tools, and performance
  7. Bring clarity to focused training goals
  8. Are kept on file by both the player and the travel-ball organization



  1. Personal Player Assessment with coach Trosky 

Attending a Trosky College Showcase Camp, each player receives a “Personal Player Assessment” (PPA) completed by coach Trosky. The PPA gives each player clarity and direction, simplifying and focusing the player’s pursuit of playing at the next level. Coach Trosky is an expert in player projection. He has been scouting professionally for the past 15 years and has contributed to over 7,000 players playing at the college and professional levels. Coach Trosky has coached numerous 1st round draft picks and some of the game's best players (Arenado, Yelich, Cole, Crawford, Stanton, etc…).


Personal Player Assessment Consists of:

  1. College/Professional Baseball Goals
  2. Past Statistics and Accomplishments  
  3. Body/Genetics
  4. Academics
  5. 5-Tools  
  6. 6th Tool
  7. Overall Projection
  8. Future Outlook  


The foundation for developing a successful player development program begins with a clear understanding of oneself (self-awareness). Following coach Trosky's professional assessment, each player will have a clear understanding of their identity, of who they currently are and what they need to do to reach their goals.    



  1. College Target List (CTL)

A player's "College Target List" (CTG) is assembled after a player has completed the first 4-Pillars of the Right Fit Recruiting System; 1. The Fit List, 2. The 5-Tool Player Assessment, 3. The College Coach Evaluations, and 4. The Personal Player Assessment. A player’s CTL is their navigation to the decisions they’ll make, serving as their compass and navigation through the recruiting process.  


  1. Decisions in regards to:
    1. What college camps to attend
    2. What colleges to be Pro-active with
    3. What colleges to apply to
    4. What colleges to correspond with



  1. Pro-Act Recruiting Calendar (PRC)

Once the player’s College Target List is completed, they begin the recruiting process by utilizing the “Pro-Act Recruiting Calendar.” Each month, players receive a new recruiting calendar with their recruiting responsibilities in regards to the recruiting process for that month.


  1. The Pro-Act Recruiting Calendar teaches players the times to reach out to college coaches with the right information.
  2. The Calendar teaches players how to be proactive and successful within the recruiting process.
  3. Following the suggested Recruiting Calendar guidelines, players will be strategic in their pursuit of being recruited and will eventually become a college committed college student-athlete.



  1. 6th Tool Alignment

6th Tool Alignment is the determining factor of how far a player will go both in baseball and in life. 6th Tool Alignment answers the question, “How much better will players become? Will they get better, worse or stay the same?” The #1 job of a college recruiter and scout is to project players, to determine where they currently are and how good will they be in the future years to come. The younger the player, the more difficult it is to project. As players get older not all players get better and this is one of the main reasons why successful college recruiters and scouts don’t get consumed with immediate results, rather they get consumed with a player’s make-up, projection, and future potential.  


With the significant importance of the 6th Tool, we make 6th Tool Alignment a priority. We first teach the 6th Tool, then we grade the 6th Tool and then we teach players how to live a life aligned with the 6th Tool. 


6th Tool Alignment has 4 components:


  1. TEACH: We teach the 6th Tool, how and why it is the central building block for player development and player success.
  2. GRADE: We grade all players with the Trosky 6th Tool grading system. The player’s grades give a clear perspective on how much better they will eventually get, ultimately influencing the college level they will eventually pursue.
  3. TRAIN & DEVELOP: Train and Develop the 6th Tool
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability is established from 1. The weekly 6th Tool Blast, 2. Building a 6th Tool culture in our powered by organizations, 3. Through Showcase-camp attendance, 4. Through Boot-camp attendance, 5. From 6th Tool leadership modeled from the top down, and 6. From the Trosky 6th Tool Training System.    




The Right Fit Recruiting System: With over 25 years of experience, contributing to over 7,000 players playing at the college and professional level, Coach Trosky has developed the most efficient and successful recruiting system in the country. This recruiting system saves time, money and prevents headaches and stress in the overwhelming experience of the recruiting process. Coach Trosky's system is easy, efficient and it works. Through our simplistic and detailed program, we prepare baseball players to take ownership of their future. With our many years of experience and success, Trosky baseball can assist you in making your dreams a reality.





  • In over 20 years of scouting and coaching, I’ve seen many quality players with a high ceiling get worse and not even coming close to reaching their potential and projected ceiling. I’ve also seen many other players maintain their current level of play, not getting neither better nor worse. And lastly, I’ve seen another group of players commit to “Complete Player Development” and throughout their development I've watched these players achieve what no one had imagined.


Make it your lifestyle and commit today! Better Everyday~!


  • The Goal: The goal is to accurately guide athletes into selecting colleges that are the right fit for them. The Main Thing is the FIT!!





  • Projection is king
  • Avoid Common Recruiting Mistakes
  • We’ve broken the code
  • Keep the main thing the main thing.
  • The number 1 job of a college coach and scout is to project.
  • Reputation and Relationships
  • The time is now
  • There is a price to be paid for success
  • There are no second chances
  • The time is short and the window is small
  • ET Elite Colleges recruiters are looking into the 8th-grade graduation class
  • Pro Scouts are creating follow lists with underclass players
  • Once a player commits to CPD, the sky is the limit
  • Essential contributing factors to success. You can predict the future!
    • Intent (essential quality)
    • Culture (essential quality)
    • Accountability (essential quality)
    • 7 Pillars