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Text Messages With A Purpose

The 6th Tool Motivational Text-Messages are a simple way to keep players on track and motivated, moving them in the direction to achieve their goals and aspirations! The text-messages are a foundational component to the building of 6th Tool Players. The weekly messages are aligned with the 3 Pillars of the 6th Tool Nation:

  1. Intent
  2. Culture
  3. Accountability


6th Tool Nation members will receive weekly text messages throughout the week. The information is a product of “CPD” Complete Player Development, teaching and developing the player’s “Mental Makeup!” The text messages received are original messages written by coach Trosky, all messages reinforce the 6th Tool Lifestyle!


See Samples Below:




  1. “AAO” When Distractions and Adversity come, the Masters of the Game “AAO!”





  1.   “FNFO / ICIW” Say this over and over x 100 times a day!

    -Fear Nothing!”

               -Fear No one!”

               -I Can & I Will!”


  1. “DCBA” The Decision is Made / The Mind is Clear / The Body is Relaxed and the Attitude is Attack! AOEP - Attack on Every Pitch!   








  1. GYMR! Get Your Mind Right
  2. X2E! Time 2 Eat
  3. SATE! Separation Amongst the Elite
  4. 1BN (1 Breath Now)
  5. FWT / DWF! You Feel What you Think / You Do What You Feel!
  6. CBB! Can’t Be beat
  7. Keep the Team Greater than Yourself!
  8. Keep the Controllable Greater than the Uncontrollable!
  9. Keep your Attitude Greater than the Circumstance!
  10. FGO: Feeling Good’s Overrated!
  11. FTA: Find the Advantage to Disadvantage
  12. FTS: Find the Solution to the Problem
  13. Move Slow, Feel Loose and Breath
  14. NWCE: No Whining / No Complaining / No Excuses!
  15. IWTB I want the Ball!




  1. Post Game Texts:
  • When the game is over, ask the Right Questions. Instead of asking “Did we Win?” Ask, “How did I play the game (the Grinder, Dirtbag, Bulldog)? How did I respond to the game (the Rock)? & How did I prepare for the game (the Rat)!”

                    Grade yourself on the 20-80

-Grinder: Focus =

-Dirtbag: Energy =

-Bulldog: Confidence / Attack =

-Rock: Mental Toughness =

-Rat: Preparation = 


  1. Pre-Game Texts 

             Today is Game Day! It’s just another day to Master my Process. Remember to always

             Keep the process greater than the result! GYMR – 24/7!

            Expect / Commit / Attack! “ECA” on Every Pitch!



  1. Question:
  2. What you do this weekend when nobody is looking is a huge separator! DO What’s Right!
  3. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future! Who are you spending time with today, tonight and this weekend?
  4. What are you doing today to develop your “BTM” Body, Tools and Make-up!






If you’re not currently a starter on your team or if you’re not playing the position you want to play, continue to get your work in regardless of the situation or circumstance! Always find the Advantage to the Disadvantage and find the solution to the problem!


The Law of Unintended Consequences: Whatever’s left unintended will soon diminish and decline. The longer the time, the greater the decline. Identify what needs to be attended to and get better Today! 

Leave no stone unturned! 







Better Every day!

Coach Trosky





THE 6 LAWS OF THE 6TH TOOL TEXTS MESSAGES                                                   

1. The Law of Unintended Consequences: Whatever’s left unintended will soon diminish and decline. The longer the time, the greater the decline. Identify what needs to be attended to and attend to it!


2. The Law of Self Mastery: If you Master yourself, the opponent doesn’t matter; Self-Motivation, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Self Confidence, Self-Awareness, and Self-Sacrifice. 


3. The Law of Mutual Exchange: You receive in life in direct proportion to what you give, therefore if you want to be in the business of receiving, you must be the CEO of giving!


4. The Law of Attraction: The body and mind work together, and the body seeks to accomplish what the mind thinks and pictures. If the mind is right, all the forces in the bodywork together to accomplish the goal of the activity! 


5. The Law of the Harvest: To anything and everything there is a process to success and in order to succeed in a specific area; you must find, own and execute that process!


6. The Law of Mental Prosperity: You become what you think about, and as you think so shall ye be. The results, if you think in positive terms you’ll receive positive results and if you think in negative terms you’ll receive negative results.