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2023 Trosky CPD Camp & Tryout Schedule 

CPD=Complete Player Development

(click dates for registration information)

Northern California Regional Teams & National Teams Tryouts March 19th or April 23rd or May 21st @ San Jose, CA 

CPD Camp: April 15-16 @ San Jose, CA 

CPD Camp May 20-21 @ San Antonio, TX

CPD Camp June 3-4 @ San Jose, CA

CPD Camp June 17-18 @ Irvine, CA Registration coming soon!

CPD Camp  & National Team Tryout October 28-29 @ San Diego, CA Registration coming soon!

CPD Camp &  National Team Tryout August 19-20 @ Arizona  Registration coming soon!

National Team Tryout November 4-5 @ Arizona  Registration coming soon!

CPD Camp &  National Team Tryout November 4-5 @ Utah Registration coming soon!

CPD Camp &  National Team Tryout December 2-3 @ San Diego, CA Registration coming soon!

CPD Camp &  National Team Tryout December 9-10 @ San Jose, CA Registration coming soon!

CPD Camp January 20-21, 2023 @ Arizona  Registration coming soon!

Utah dates coming soon!

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  • Dylan Beavers 33rd pick to the Orioles
  • Jackson Cox 50th pick to the Rockies
  • Drew Thorpe 61st pick to the Yankees
  • Anthony Hall 130th pick to the Yankees
  • Nathan Martorella 150th pick to the Padres
  • Sean McLain 165st pick to the Dodgers
  • Mason McGwire 233rd pick to the Cubs
  • Andy Owen 409th pick to the Rangers
  • Logun Clark 481st pick to the Guardians
  • Isaiah Jackson 553rd pick to the Astros
  • Brock Blatter 563rd pick to the Cubs
  • Ethan Long 661st pick to the Giants
  • Harrison Spohn Free Agent pick to the Marlins

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