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6th Tool Nation:  Being a member of the 6th Tool Nation means becoming the best you can be. It’s a lifestyle, an identity, the spirit of excellence, self-mastery. It’s developing from the inside out. It’s a culture where players and coaches work together holding each-other accountable to a higher level of living. Being a 6th Tool Player has nothing to do with size, strength, age, skill or physical tools and has everything to do with the mental makeup and character: the internal, the intangibles, becoming the best one can be! Greatness lies within all players and the 6th Tool Nation brings it out in everyone who is willing to commit to the way of the 6th Tool Nation! Coach Trosky has created the learning systems and models that will be used for 6th Tool player transformation, through 1.) the Right Fit Recruiting System, the 5 Tool Development Model, 3.) High-Intensity Boot Camps, and 4.) through the 6th Tool Mental Makeup / Character Development Model. All key components of the 6th Tool Nation! 


Below is a list of benefits received for being a member of “Trosky Baseball Teams – 6th Tool Nation”

Being affiliated with Trosky Baseball has many benefits, not only because of the reputation, relationships and strength of the brand but also because of what players, parents, and coaches receive from the program (see information below).

  1. Player Development System "5 Tool Development Player Calendar" Shareable Online Document 
  2. College Recruitment System
  3. Personal Player Recruiting & Training Profile



  • Results / Proven: Trosky Baseball has accomplished what few other travel ball organizations have accomplished. Since 2011, 650+ College Commits, 131 MLB Draft Selections, 126 Area Code Selections (Note: Trosky alumni list is players that have played under the Trosky brand and are not camp participants). Trosky draft selections include 6 first-round picks and 30 in the top 5 rounds. Area Code players are selected by the MLB as the countries top future draft selections. 



Coach Trosky Between the Lines: Coach Trosky’s consistent on-field interaction at major recruiting events allows him to connect each year with thousands of players, college coaches, and MLB scouts. Click Here To Learn More About Nate...

  • 12 West Coast Trosky Showcase Camps – CEO & Head Instructor
  • North/South Tryout – Field Director
  • Stanford All-Star Camps I – II – III – Instructor & Speaker
  • MLB / USA Baseball Break Through Series – Player Development
  • Area Code Camp – Head Instructor
  • Area Code Tryouts – Field Coordinator
  • Area Code Games – Assistant Coach
  • Cal Poly Camp – Instructor
  • Trosky Baseball Elite Training Camps – CEO & Head Instructor
  • Trosky Baseball Youth Camps – CEO & Head Instructor
  • Nike Baseball Camps – Assistant Coach
  • National Coaches Conventions – Speaker
  • German National Team – Player Development & Assistant Coach
  • Trosky Pro Scout Team General Manager
  • Trosky Fall Classic Teams General Manager / Head Coach


  • Train the Date: Players will 5 Tool tests 2-3 times per year (summer/ fall / winter). The test dates are powerful motivators to enhance hard work and overall tool development throughout the year. One of the test dates will be at a Trosky Camps and the other dates will be held by the Regional Directors.


  • 5 Tool Development Model: The Trosky 5 Tool Development model is based on the concepts of Teach, Test, Train & Develop. A model built on intent, accountability, and culture. The first method used in this model is the 5 Tool player card. Players receive a 5 Tool player card at the Trosky showcase camps and are filled out by the players after they test the 5 tools. Players grade themselves noting where they stand among their peers and amongst elite athletes. The card evaluates and grades the player’s body, tools and athleticism, noting strengths and weaknesses. The second component of the card is the Trosky 5 Tool training system. The training system directs each player to the specific training methods to incorporate into their daily training routine to take their tools to the next level. The final component of the model is the Trosky 5 Tool Calendar, a highly defined training calendar used daily to keep players on target and aligned with their specific training needs and specific training goals. Players are held accountable through shareable online documents, the 6th Tool culture and through the 6th Tool Nation email blasts. Click Here To Learn More 



  • Uniform and Merchandise: Trosky Baseball has full access to just about every product from all the major brands! Trosky players receive exclusive team pricing not available to the general public! Trosky Teams will receive the best pricing, service and be able to create custom uniform and equipment packages. We’d like to have the opportunity to save you time, money and supply all of your equipment needs!